Volume 1, Issue 1
Summer 2005

Volume 1, Issue 1 - Summer 2005

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art: Rafael Matias Langer-Osuna

Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha: Then and Now

Gandhi's famous 1930 Salt March, the climax in the decades-look
struggle for independence from British colonial rule, was re-enacted
in April, 2005.

Also in this issue:


  • The Power to Transform a Culture   HTML  PDF
  • About Peace Power   HTML  PDF
  • Letter to the Editors   HTML  PDF


  • Meditation As Education   HTML  PDF
    Imagine school cultivating, not filling, your mind - with stress relief benefits along the way

Global Justice

  • The Disease Called Violence   HTML  PDF
    Public health depends on consciousness, social justice
  • Women's Century of Peace   HTML  PDF
    A Constructive Vision, from Afghanistan to the World

Person Power

  • The Israeli Refusnik Movement   HTML  PDF
    From Conscientious Objection to a Nonviolent Peaceforce

History of Nonviolence

  • Montgomery Bus Boycott  HTML  PDF
    The fashioning of a "new consciousness" in Southern African-Americans
  • The Muslim Gandhi?  HTML  PDF
    Badshah Khan and the World's First Nonviolent Army

Global Conflict

  • Parting Today's Red Sea in Israel/Palestine  HTML  PDF
    Integrative Power, Transformation, and Compassion in the
    Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
  • Can Nonviolence "Succeed" in Iraq?  HTML  PDF
    Nonviolence can work to foster long-term conditions of peace

Public Policy

  • Restorative Justice/Abolish the Death Penalty  HTML  PDF
    While the US continues executions, a more effective vision of justice
    is possible
  • An Abortion Coalition?  HTML  PDF
    Re-examining the abortion debate to find common ground


  • Breathing Peace  HTML  PDF
    What does spirituality have to do with being an activist for peacemaking?