About Us

Peace Power Overview

UC Berkeley Peace and Conflict Studies students launched PeacePower in Spring of 2005, and produced a total of five issues through Fall of 2007 (see the archives). Published both in print and online, the publication sought to "promote a greater understanding of Principled Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and paradigmatic levels." (See the vision statement for more.) PeacePower's editors further articulated their goals and ideals for the magazine in the articles About PeacePower and The Power to Transform a Culture.


Recognitions and Awards

PeacePower received recognitions/awards as follows:

• Nominated by UTNE Reader for Best New Publication, 2006

• Independent Press Association Award for Best Political Commentary in a Campus Publication, 2005 (Sujal Parikh, A New Vision of Justice)


National Distribution

PeacePower was distributed nationally in the U.S. and Canada in major book store chains such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, and numerous independent shops. Leading magazine distributor Ingram Periodicals carried PeacePower, as well as smaller regional distributors such as Small Changes and Ubiquity. PeacePower consistently sold through over 50% of the copies distributed to retailers, demonstrating the need and demand for a publication of its nature. PeacePower was the only UC Berkeley student publication of its time to achieve national distribution.

PeacePower's newsstand consultant was Publishers Single Copy Sales Services (Linda Ruth and Dinny Zimmerman). Special thanks for their exemplary work!


Current Status and Future Possibilities

PeacePower closed after most of its founders graduated and moved on to other pursuits. However, the publication could potentially be revived. If you are part of a group that would like to do so, please email: peacepower<dot>editors<at>gmail.


Staff Members

Founding Editorial Board

  • Antonio Castillo
  • Sarah Elizabeth Clark
  • Chelsea Collonge
  • Sayed Habib
  • Carolyn McMahon
  • Sujal Parikh
  • Eli Sasaran McCarthy
  • Matthew Taylor

Additional Editorial Board Members

  • Zebulah Baldwin
  • John Campbell
  • Jenica Cimino
  • Jennie Cottle
  • Lara Duncan
  • Amy Elmgren
  • Caroline Kornfield
  • Marilyn Langlois
  • Jerlina Love
  • Caroline Paine
  • Tal Palter-Palman
  • Felicia Parazaider
  • Jordan Pearlstein


Faculty Advisors

  • Prof. Michael N. Nagler
  • Prof. Dacher Keltner
  • Prof. Charles Henry

Web Design and Management

  • Risa Shire (original design)
  • Caroline Paine
  • Marcus Page
  • Matthew Taylor


Note: Additional credits may be found inside the staff box that appears in the complete PDF of each issue.





A Final Note About PeacePower's Impact

At the Celebrating Nonviolent Resistance Conference in Bethlehem, Palestine, Dec. 2005, an activist said he was inspired by Tim Flinders' article A Muslim Gandhi and planned to organize a nonviolent army in Palestine. it is this potential for real-life positive impact that makes a magazine like PeacePower worth writing, editing, and publishing. We hope you will create your own publications about nonviolence and conflict transformation -- or contact us if you wish to take PeacePower forward into the future.


ASUC Sponsored PeacePower is/was a nonprofit publication and is not/was not an official publication of the Associated Students of the University of California. The views expressed herein are the views of the writers and not necessarily the views of the Editors, Staff, Faculty Advisor, ASUC, or of the University of California, Berkeley.